Making Your Wedding Day Unique and Lovely

Sunday, 3 July 2011
Wedding is one of the most special events in everyone’s life. This happens only once, thus, every bride and groom makes this symbolic day as lovely and extraordinary as possible. The preparations can sometimes be intricate and stressful but in the end it’s worth all the planning and the time spent to make it exceptional. But how can we really make a wedding truly fabulous but inexpensive at the same time?

Create a Theme.

The trend for this genre is to be as creative as you can with your theme, let the artist in you shine. A simple wedding theme is unique, try to find some inspiration on what design it should be. It could be something that reflects your personality, it can be a flower or a butterfly. You can then apply your theme on your wedding favors, decorations, accessories, dresses, and other wedding essentials.

Surprise your guests.

Hand Written Notes
Your wedding day is a celebration of your happiness as well as the people who had witnessed it. It would be nice and sweet if you will handed them simple wedding favors or thank you notes just to let them feel important as part of your wedding. If you have much time, you can collect pictures of guests and place them in frames and put these wedding favors on each guest’s table assignment.

Share unforgettable moments.

As the guests enter the reception they would usually be captivated by the arrangements of colors and furniture around. You can add pictures or videos of you and your husband’s memorable and special time together with simple captions on it. Exhibit your love to each other, inspire all the guests and show them how much this celebration means to both of you. Share what happened during your courtship up until today through the different symbols and creations displayed around the reception. 

Dance like a pro.

Make an effort to make your wedding as adorable and interesting as it is. You can ask someone to teach you and your husband some steps that would amaze everyone. Dancing together with the entourage can be fun as well, which is not usual to a wedding. Rehearsed well and showcased your talent. This would surely be one wedding that the guests wouldn’t forget.


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