Wedding Invitations - Styles and Design Ideas

Monday, 18 July 2011
A wedding is a special occasion in each couple’s life. It is the time that they will be united together as husbands and wives. So couples normally want to make it very special by preparing a traditional wedding. It usually includes a ceremony, wedding reception, and a program. The wedding wouldn’t be complete without the presence of people who are special to the couples. Essentially, a wedding invitation should be distributed to them to formally request their presence on the wedding.

There are different designs and ideas for the wedding invitation. They are usually chosen carefully by the couple to make them more presentable to the guests. Most often, they match the theme of the wedding. So here are some striking ideas for unique and modish wedding invitations.

2 Styles of Wedding Invitations:

1. Modern Wedding Invitations – These invitations have contemporary designs and features. They often use trendy color combinations like fuchsia pink and black, brown and pink, and so on. Modern invitations also include photos to look more appealing.

2. Classic Wedding Invitations – Classic designs are still widely used even in this modern world. They depict a timeless yet elegant look that fit the wedding occasion. They typically show formality in every design.

3 Wedding Invitation Design Ideas

1. Letterpress – A popular wedding invitation idea is the use of embossed/debossed letterpress. It gives the wedding invitation a unique and charming feel. Letterpress invitations also make a good wedding keepsake because they don’t look like ordinary cards.

2. Pocket – Pocket-designed wedding invitations are a one-piece card that is folded to form like a pocket. The invitation letter is inscribed directly on the inner side of the pocket. This design can also contain an RSVP card and RSV envelope. Its stylish form will definitely give a real appeal to your guests.

3. Layered – A flat invitation card (in any shape and size) is attached to a larger card that serves as its decorative frame. Both cards have complementing designs that make them look more fabulous. The layered invitation can also be topped with a thin sheet of paper like vellum to add more spice on it. Put a subtle design on the vellum to make it attractive but not too overwhelming.

Wedding invitations can be ordered in some online shops but they can also be home-made. DIY wedding invitations can be more creative and personalized. There are awesome tutorials online that couples can look into and see if they can manage to produce the invitations by themselves.


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