The Different Roles of Wedding Favors

Sunday, 17 July 2011
Preparing a wedding can be stressful due to a lot of things that need to be organized. From the design of the gowns to the color combinations to use, a food menu to serve, and invitations and wedding favors to give. One thing is for sure though; it can also be a lot of fun and excitement.

Wedding favors can be considered insignificant in weddings. The wedding ceremony, reception, or programs could go on with or without wedding favors. But these keepsakes can play an important role in weddings, too.

Personalized Wedding Favors
1. Wedding Remembrance. Personalized wedding favors are usually inscribed with the couples name and the date of their wedding. The non-edible ones are meant to last long and serve as a remembrance of the couples’ most special day. Whether they are usable or for display only, they can certainly remind the guests about the wedding.

2. Thank-You Gift. Some couples send a “thank you” card to their guests after their wedding. However, a thank you message can also be given to them along with personalized wedding favors. They typically come with a tag which are attached to the box or within the personalized wedding favors and are inscribed with a personal message from the couple. 
Edible Wedding Favors -
Personalized Kisses!

3. Sign of Appreciation. It would be such an honor for the couples to see their guests come and witness their wedding. As a return, they should make their guests feel welcomed, comfortable, and ensure that they enjoy the day. Giving out edible, unique wedding favors would be a great way to make them feel how much you appreciate their presence.

4. Out of tradition. Giving wedding favors away to the guests can be considered as part of tradition. It has been customary in weddings to give something to your guests whether as a keepsake, sign of appreciation, a thank you token, or merely a gift. Aside from personalized or unique wedding favors, wedding traditions also include setting a pair of white dove free. So when couples follow wedding traditions, it usually involves providing some personalized wedding favors.
Customized Key Chain/Measuring Tape
Wedding favors

5. Simply a Gift. To show kindness to their guests, most couple hand them with special gifts that they can use in their everyday lives like kitchenware, barware, or some cosmetics for women. To make these gifts special, couples can customize and add a personal touch to these unique wedding favors. A towel, for example, can have an embroidered letters of the couple’s names and the date of their wedding.


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