Dream Wedding Come True Under the Marquee

Saturday, 7 January 2012
Outdoor weddings have always been popular to engaged couples who want to be exempted to the conventional way of getting married. Aside from doing the unusual, the great view of the outdoor brings warmth to the ceremony and the natural wind adds up to its solemnity. The outdoor also adds up romance and provides adventure to the couple.

Wedding Marquee Decorating Tips and Ideas

Wednesday, 10 August 2011
The use of wedding marquees for weddings nowadays is a good alternative. You can find a lot of marquee hire available for your wedding needs. Marquees are best to use to a single occasion and very flexible. It also gives the opportunity of accommodating number of guests to the wedding reception at home or a garden. When using wedding marquee hire, there are a lot decorative possibilities depending on the theme the bride and the groom have agreed to set up.

The Different Colors of Summer

Tuesday, 26 July 2011
Summer is the best time of the year for outdoor activities and parties and wedding is definitely not an exception to this. The beach is the most popular destination of wedding celebrations though every marrying couple can still have a lovely summer wedding anywhere. All they have to do is to play with different color combinations that is perfect for the season!

Relive Harry Potter With These Wedding Favors and Party Favors

Thursday, 21 July 2011
Who doesn’t love that skinny, almost malnourished boy with eyeglasses and messy hair? Yes, I’m talking about the “boy who lived”, Harry Potter. This series from J.K. Rowling is a total hit in the whole world and have undoubtedly captured every one’s heart, regardless of age. It has created a totally different realm of magic around us. But now that it has all ended, I’m pretty sure its magic will still live forever. You can relive it, too by organizing a Harry Potter themed party or wedding!

Here are some fitting designs of party favors, wedding favors and accessories that you can use for the Harry Potter themed party or a magical wedding celebration. 

Wedding Invitations - Styles and Design Ideas

Monday, 18 July 2011
A wedding is a special occasion in each couple’s life. It is the time that they will be united together as husbands and wives. So couples normally want to make it very special by preparing a traditional wedding. It usually includes a ceremony, wedding reception, and a program. The wedding wouldn’t be complete without the presence of people who are special to the couples. Essentially, a wedding invitation should be distributed to them to formally request their presence on the wedding.

There are different designs and ideas for the wedding invitation. They are usually chosen carefully by the couple to make them more presentable to the guests. Most often, they match the theme of the wedding. So here are some striking ideas for unique and modish wedding invitations.