Top 10 Vegas-Inspired Wedding Favors and accessories

Monday, 11 July 2011
Did you know that there are more than 100,000 couples marry in Las Vegas each year? Vegas is dubbed as the marriage capital of the world mainly because acquiring a marriage license can easily be done and couples need not to spend a hefty amount of money for their wedding.

Las Vegas is also a popular party city. Thus, wedding celebrations in this city depicts the party life of Vegas. Wedding themes and ideas that you have never imagined can be seen in here. Ever heard of a drive-thru wedding? Yes, it exists… only in Vegas (and maybe in other parts of the world, who knows?)!

Aside from weddings and parties, Las Vegas is extremely popular in Casino and adult entertainment which is the reason why many people call it the Sin City. As what people always say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Las Vegas, is no doubt, a very popular place if you want to have fun. It is no wonder why its concept has become a trend in weddings. So here are the top 10 Vegas-inspired wedding favors and accessories:


Poker Chips Wedding favors

Its a very simple keepsake for your wedding. For large ones, they can be placed on a stand that can be used as a house decoration.

Las Vegas Sign Place Card 

Guide your guests with their table seating arrangement by placing a Las Vegas Sign Place Card.

Vegas-Themed Personalized Glass Jars

Your guests will definitely find this reusable glass jar very useful. This jar are not for display only but they can be used to store mints and other small stuff.

Personalized Playing Cards

Give your guests a taste of Vegas by handing them personalized wedding favors - Playing Cards!

Vegas-theme Candle Holders

Fill your venue with vegas-themed candle holders for a fun yet more romantic feel.

Crystal Dice Key Chain

The Crystal dice key chain is not only ideal for weddings but also for any type of parties.

Personalized Coin Wedding Chocolates

Edible wedding favors are excellent! Place these personalized coin chocolates anywhere in your wedding reception venue and you will be surprised how fast they go.

Dice-Styled Wedding Favors Boxes

Giving some surprise for your guests? Wrap them in dice-styled wedding favors boxes!

Las Vegas Shot Glass

Experience a Las Vegas party using a "welcome Las Vegas" shot glass!

Bride & Groom Wine Stopper Set

Complete your wedding party with this fabulous wine stopper set in a bridal gown and tuxedo designs fit for Vegas.


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