The Different Colors of Summer

Tuesday, 26 July 2011
Summer is the best time of the year for outdoor activities and parties and wedding is definitely not an exception to this. The beach is the most popular destination of wedding celebrations though every marrying couple can still have a lovely summer wedding anywhere. All they have to do is to play with different color combinations that is perfect for the season!


Yellow is the most perfect color for summer. Its brightness resembles that of the sun. Yellow can be combined with blue, green, red, and orange to come up with a very summer feel for the wedding. Whether your wedding venue is at the beach, lakeside, restaurant, or at a garden, any yellow palette will definitely bring the summer heat into your wedding.


Orange emits a cheerful feeling that is perfect for summer fun. Its fiery color will definitely bring the summer feel into your party. Possible combinations with orange are yellow and red. Though depending on the hue of color you’re using, you can also try other colors to combine with it.


Blue is also one of the most favorite colors for weddings especially those with a summer theme. Using the color of the ocean will absolutely give a cool feeling to your wedding amidst the heat of the summer. Common colors combined with different shades of blue are yellow, pink, and green.


Green is another cool color that is being used for summer weddings. Its color gives a relaxing feeling under the scorching heat of the sun. It is often combined with yellow, pink, and blue for a nature-inspired color palette for the wedding.



Rainbow colors are used as a unique color palette for weddings. Its variety of colors used in a rainbow-themed wedding gives a vibrant appeal to it. Each color can be used for the bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s suits or even socks. Different wedding favors, decorations, invitations, and some edibles can also have all the colors in the rainbow spectrum.

A summer wedding doesn’t have to be held in a beach but it certainly has to be fun and exciting as the season. Set your wedding anywhere you want but make sure to use one, two, or a combination of different summer colors for a more enjoyable celebration. Be creative and welcome different ideas to come up with the most perfect wedding that you have dreamed of. The internet is a great source of free information, so take advantage of it. You can find great wedding shops online, too.


  1. I soo love summer! The colors are bright and lively, perfect for summer indeed. Blue is my fave color and yellow is great for the season so I think they make a great combo for me. :)

  1. What a fun niche! Weddings lead to the greatest happiness! To choose wisely and work hard is what it takes! The beautiful colors will make it a pretty beginning!

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