Rainbow-Themed Wedding

Wednesday, 22 June 2011
Almost all couples want their wedding to be unique, out of ordinary, far from tradition and most of all, personalized. One of the themes that can make your wedding modern and extraordinary is the rainbow theme. The rainbow brings a positive energy towards the people. The 7 different colors of the rainbow represent different meanings and symbols about life. Some believe that these meanings and symbols can be dedicated to your wedding. But for some, its vibrant colors are already enough to make the wedding special and upbeat.

Wedding Favors: How Important Are They?

Monday, 20 June 2011
Wedding favors have always been part of every wedding. They can portray different meanings like a keepsake for the wedding, a token of appreciation for coming to the wedding, or simply something that could cheer up the guests. Wedding favors are not a requirement in weddings though they are essential. They have already been part of the tradition in weddings.

Some couples though do not bother to prepare for wedding favors to give to their guests. Its either they want their wedding to be very simple, they are on a very tight budget, or they just don’t see it as a very important gesture. Well, there are alternative solutions to these situations.

Different Types of Wedding Shoes

The bridal shoes are traditionally white in color, pointed, high-heeled, or closed. But in today’s modern world, bridal shoes can be in different colors and style. They usually match the theme of the wedding or the color palette used. They can go along with the other wedding essentials like wedding favors, accessories, bridal gown, and the likes.

Wedding Bucket List - Things To Do Before Saying "I Do"

Wednesday, 15 June 2011
Getting married is a commitment that not too many people commit. Some fear of the changes and the promises. But to women who take the risk, they can live their single lives to the fullest before they say "I Do" at the altar. So before thinking about the wedding theme to choose, wedding favors to give and wedding dress to wear, why not create a bucket list first? Here are some ideas on how to spend the last days of your single life:

The Best Wedding Proposal Ever? You Judge!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011
This is a wedding proposal video gone viral! It is indeed an extra special proposal. Enjoy watching! :)

Wedding Color Palettes - Different Color Schemes For Your Wedding

Saturday, 11 June 2011
The color motif is one of the most important wedding details. Most couples or brides-to-be choose a color scheme to use for all their wedding necessities that will go perfectly with their theme. If you come to think about it, blending colors may be insignificant but it can actually be crucial in achieving the kind of wedding you want to have. It is important to have a motif when choosing for your wedding gowns, wedding favors and accessories, and other wedding essentials so that they all blend well together.

The Bridal Shower SPArty!

Saturday, 4 June 2011
If men have bachelors’ party before they change their single status to married, women also have bachelorettes’ party or bridal shower parties. The bride and her girlfriends throw a party as a farewell to her single status. This party is typically prepared in a small venue like a room with foods, games, and bridal shower favors.