Wedding Favors: How Important Are They?

Monday, 20 June 2011
Wedding favors have always been part of every wedding. They can portray different meanings like a keepsake for the wedding, a token of appreciation for coming to the wedding, or simply something that could cheer up the guests. Wedding favors are not a requirement in weddings though they are essential. They have already been part of the tradition in weddings.

Some couples though do not bother to prepare for wedding favors to give to their guests. Its either they want their wedding to be very simple, they are on a very tight budget, or they just don’t see it as a very important gesture. Well, there are alternative solutions to these situations.

For simple wedding celebrations, couples can give out very simple yet unique wedding favors for their guests. They can look for personalized pack of martini or tea, a wedding keychain wrapped in simple and elegant favor boxes, or bottle openers in special wedding designs.

Couples really need to put out some cash for their weddings. Some just don’t have too much of it that they need to be really tight with the expenses. Since wedding favors are the least important in wedding celebrations, they are often eliminated in the plans. But in this case, couples should look for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) wedding favors. The internet is the best source for these tutorials. What’s even better with DIY is that you can have personalized wedding favors. There are also cheap wedding favors available online. They are even cheaper if you buy in big numbers. It is just a matter of finding resources.

If couples don’t think that wedding favors are not very important, they can provide some edible wedding favors for their guests to enjoy during the wedding. These edibles can have a Thank You note or icing letters. They can put the cupcakes, cookies, or chocolates in a tray and place it on the tables as centerpieces. Couples can also opt to send a thank you card to their guests after the wedding. Some couples even send wedding favors with a card that has a message of their gratitude to the guests for attending the most important day of their lives.

Wedding favors may not really be important but your guests are. Show them how thankful you are for the time they have spent with you in witnessing your wedding and for joining the celebration. Wedding favors are just small stuff but your guests can feel that you appreciate their presence. Even a thank you note can already warm their hearts.


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