Wedding Bucket List - Things To Do Before Saying "I Do"

Wednesday, 15 June 2011
Getting married is a commitment that not too many people commit. Some fear of the changes and the promises. But to women who take the risk, they can live their single lives to the fullest before they say "I Do" at the altar. So before thinking about the wedding theme to choose, wedding favors to give and wedding dress to wear, why not create a bucket list first? Here are some ideas on how to spend the last days of your single life:

1. All-Girls Slumber Party. Invite your girlfriends to a slumber party. Consider this as your last party with them as a single. You might not be able to enjoy parties like this when you get married and have kids in the near future. Go down memory lane as you talk about high school or college days. Remember your crushes and gossip about your frenemies as you put on your facial masks or share a bottle of Champagne.

2. Post-Grad Degree. You want to enrich your educational level? Now is the right time to do it! Earn an MA or PhD title while you still have the time to attend classes and money to pay for your tuition fee. So before you walk down the aisle, your resume will be updated.

3. Travel Solo. Go to a place where you can savor life on your own. Explore the other side of the world, eat and drink to your heart's content and shop as you please. Spend a few days being with yourself because once you get married, you'll have to experience things from a couple's point of view.

4. Earn A Million or Half of It. Why not? Make this as a challenge to yourself. But don't refuse your boyfriend's proposal just because you didn't earn your first million yet. Savings can easily go to something not too important if you don't have big financial obligations. So better challenge yourself to a million or just half of it before marriage.

5. Spend a grand vacation with your family. As you start your own family, relish a memorable moment with your parents and siblings first. You may not be able to do this more frequently so treat them to a grand vacation before you get yourself married.

So, have you thought of your bucket list yet? While some brides are busy thinking of designs for their gowns and selecting for wedding favors and accessories, busy yourself in spending the last days of being a single lad. After completing your bucket list, you can then tell yourself that you're ready to step into another chapter of your life - being a loving wife.


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