Different Types of Wedding Shoes

Monday, 20 June 2011

The bridal shoes are traditionally white in color, pointed, high-heeled, or closed. But in today’s modern world, bridal shoes can be in different colors and style. They usually match the theme of the wedding or the color palette used. They can go along with the other wedding essentials like wedding favors, accessories, bridal gown, and the likes.

Stilettos in different colors. Weddings now use a lot of different color palettes, from light to dark and pastel to neon. Stilettos can also be in different colors. Many brides-to-be no longer stick to the traditional wedding color of white. Even black, which is usually used in funerals, is also being used as a wedding theme.

Chucks. Apparently, Chuck Taylor sneakers have become a trend in weddings. It became more popular when Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) wore it on her prom dress in the movie, Twilight. But most brides wear chucks to make them feel comfortable during their wedding. So if you want fashion and comfort during your most special day, Chucks is your best friend. Plus, you and your fiancé can wear the same shoes, too.

photo from flicker by: Sheree DuPree Bemis

Flats. Flat shoes in any color give a charming look and a comfortable feel. Flat shoes (including chucks) are perfect for weddings held in locations like hills or the seashore. Wearing high-heeled shoes in these locations can be very uncomfortable and inappropriate. It might only bring disaster to the bride.

Flip Flops. Slippers have become a fashion statement today. They are not only worn in weddings that are held at the seashore but also in weddings with a beach theme or simply because of the trend. Flip flops can even be matched with different styles of flip flop accessories and wedding favors to give to the guests.

Boots. With the diverse themes being used in weddings, the brides- and grooms-to-be no longer stick to tradition. Different kinds of boots are now used in weddings like winter boots, rain boots, or just fashion boots. They may also be in different lengths. Some are just ankle-high while others can be above the knee.

The various types of wedding shoes enumerated above are not usually in their ordinary designs. Typically, brides choose the lovely ones that could fit in the theme of their wedding. The shoes can even be specially made for them. The flip flops for example, can be designed with additional beads to make it more elegant. Then to make the wedding perfect, the bridesmaids’ shoes may also coincide with the bride’s shoes. To complete the theme, the wedding favors and accessories can match with


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