The Bridal Shower SPArty!

Saturday, 4 June 2011
If men have bachelors’ party before they change their single status to married, women also have bachelorettes’ party or bridal shower parties. The bride and her girlfriends throw a party as a farewell to her single status. This party is typically prepared in a small venue like a room with foods, games, and bridal shower favors.


Bridal shower parties can also have themes and one of the most popular today is the spa party or commonly called the SPArty. In a SPArty, the bride and her guests for the party are treated into a health and wellness services. It can be held in a real spa center or in a DIY spa venue. To setup a DIY SPArty venue, here are some basic essentials that the bride-to-be needs to prepare:


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To create a soothing ambience, place some candles around the area. To make it more stylish, look for some candle wedding favors. These unique wedding favors can be in different styles and shapes that can add glamour to your SPArty. If you have a theme, you can also look for a design of these unique wedding favors that goes perfectly with it. Whether you have a garden party, beach SPArty, or a royal bridal shower, you can always find candle wedding favors that suit the theme of your choice.

Another cool idea is to place a potpourri around the area or put some petals into a bowl filled with water to create a spa atmosphere.

 Bridal Shower Favors 

Bridal shower favors are not different from wedding favors. But you have to make sure that you don’t give the same unique wedding favors during the bridal shower. Since the guests in the SPArty are women, the best favors to give them are cosmetic kits, spa essentials, manicure/pedicure sets, or jewelry boxes.

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 Wellness Services 

Instead of games, the SPArty can have a manicure/pedicure service for the guests. You can directly contact some massagers, facialists and manicurists for a home service to lessen the cost. While being pampered, the bride and her guests can enjoy chit-chatting over some delectable healthy snacks.

 Healthy Foods 

The SPArty guests can enjoy fresh fruit platters, veggie plates, and other healthy snacks while being treated into a wellness service. Green tea or fresh fruit juices and shakes are some options for a healthy drink. After the wellness services, the SPArty can be resumed by having games or eating some delicious meals.


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