Wedding Color Palettes - Different Color Schemes For Your Wedding

Saturday, 11 June 2011
The color motif is one of the most important wedding details. Most couples or brides-to-be choose a color scheme to use for all their wedding necessities that will go perfectly with their theme. If you come to think about it, blending colors may be insignificant but it can actually be crucial in achieving the kind of wedding you want to have. It is important to have a motif when choosing for your wedding gowns, wedding favors and accessories, and other wedding essentials so that they all blend well together.

Colors can set the mood for your wedding day. Light and pale colors can make your wedding cute, charming, and simple. Bright and loud colors on the other hand can set a fun and lively mood for your wedding. Vintage and classic wedding themes can also use some sepia tones to their color scheme. If you look at the color spectrum, you will find that there are thousands of different colors that you can combine. Here are some of the color palettes I gathered around the World Wide Web:

 Blue and Green 

Different shades of blue accented with sea green colors make a perfect combination that sets a cool and relaxing mood to the wedding. This color scheme is perfect for sea-side weddings, garden wedding, and spring-themed weddings.

 Red + Black + White 

Black, as a theme, is not very popular in weddings. Though it is widely used nowadays by some couples. Red, a color that symbolizes love, when combined with black and white suggests a sophisticated wedding that is full of love.

 Orange and Yellow 

Shades of orange and yellow gives a light and bright feeling. This color palette is perfect for summer and fall wedding themes. These vibrant colors emit a positive and happy mood for your wedding.

 Violet and Pink 

The youthful color of pink suggests cheerfulness and the vibrant color of violet gives a hint of elegance. The violet and pink wedding color scheme is a perfect combination that makes an occasion chic and playful.

These color palettes are just four of the thousand possible combinations that you can create. In combining different colors, the most important thing you need to consider is the kind of mood you want to create during your wedding. Once you have chosen your color palette for your wedding, you have to stick to it when planning for all wedding essentials like gowns, flowers, wedding favors, bridal shower favors, accessories, decorations, shoes, and other details for your wedding.

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