Know the Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Wedding

Sunday, 3 July 2011
One of the most anticipated seasons of the year is summer. Most activities are done outdoors which makes it fun and exciting. For couples who want to celebrate their intimate and special day during summer then you have to know the dos and don’ts on your wedding day.

Do choose the right colors. 

Summer has to be cool yet colorful and bright. Make sure you got the right colors for your theme. On the other hand, choose light fabrics for your wedding dress if you can’t resist on wearing the heavy long gowns. However, after the ceremony you can change your dazzling summer outfit. Of course, the groom has to match your attire thus, khakis on sandals are better than his usual suit.

Do create a shade for everyone.

Everybody loves the heat of the sun but not too much of it. I bet you don’t want your guests to feel uncomfortable during the entire ceremony most especially if there were kids around. Provide a shade or maybe rent a tent that includes portable air-conditioning systems. It would be best if there will be ushers that could pass cold beverages or display lovely baskets with ice-cold water in them. Make sure that your bars or vendors are just around so guests could easily grab a drink.

Do prepare summer dishes on your menu.

Select refreshing drinks and light dishes, include fresh sliced fruits, sweet, tempting desserts and don’t forget to add grilled savory entrees. Frozen cakes, fruit pies and ice cream that come in different flavors can make the event even more festive.

Don’t forget to save the date

Summer is the time for family outings and vacations so if you want everyone to be on your special day inform them first hand. Mark their calendar so they won’t forget the date.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen. I bet you don’t want to look red on your wedding pictures so before dressing up, apply moisturizer and powder that has SPF as well as your groom and the whole entourage. If it’s possible, prepare a basket with sunblock wipes in it for everyone to use. 

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  1. What a pretty dress! How divine it would be to walk down the aisle covered in butterflies! Just lovely!

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    I don't claim ownership of the photo but yes its a pretty dress. ^^ Thanks for visiting my blog.

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