Wedding Marquee Decorating Tips and Ideas

Wednesday, 10 August 2011
The use of wedding marquees for weddings nowadays is a good alternative. You can find a lot of marquee hire available for your wedding needs. Marquees are best to use to a single occasion and very flexible. It also gives the opportunity of accommodating number of guests to the wedding reception at home or a garden. When using wedding marquee hire, there are a lot decorative possibilities depending on the theme the bride and the groom have agreed to set up.

In decorating wedding marquee, there are several tips and ideas you have to remember to make it best for the wedding. Off course, wedding is one memorable occasion and you want everything as perfect as possible. Most wedding marquee hire offers variety of lining and valences that you can choose from. It is important that you choose something that suite the wedding color motif and decoration to be use. A marquee hire usually has a large space to decorate, and most of the time is just a so plain which makes t more challenging to decorate and to set up. Using big and bold decoration is a pro such as tall tables and flower arrangement stands. It would help you to fill the space out as well creating a more dramatic impact.

Wedding Marquee Hire Ceiling Decorations

Make sure not to neglect the ceiling part, it might not be that important but leaving it bare will make the wedding venue empty. One good tip is to hang something on it, maybe a paper lantern, chandelier or balloons. For lighting, make it with cozy and romantic effect. But most marquee hire won’t allow the use of candles for it has a greater risk of creating fire. Need not to worry though, there are some alternatives you can use, such as LED lights and table lamps which are proven effective if combined with beautiful flower arrangements. It is also an advantage if you hire furniture from the same wedding marquee hire so that you can be sure that the furniture will fit in suitably in the area. You might as well get discounts if you do that.

Give Enough Space!

Make sure to create enough spaces on the venue for the visitors to be able to move around smoothly. It might also be a good idea to have a projector to display some photos from the engagement party and other things about the couple. That would make the environment a bit romantic and will make the whole wedding reception unforgettable.


  1. I like those ceiling decorations. I have always been fond of paper lanterns and the colors on the photo are just soo adorable. :)

  1. Outdoor weddings are indeed cool. I like the refreshing feel of it. :)

  1. Those are amazing tips. An outdoor wedding is really preferred by most couples today. So these are great ideas.

  1. Sandra said...:

    I like this idea and tips and it is very useful because now i am in wedding favors

  1. mark lawrence said...:

    Thanks for sharing these innovative wedding marquee decorating ideas. I am going to arrange my cousin’s wedding reception and looking for awesome venues Chicago. Hope to find a perfect venue within budget by then.

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